Samsung has a brand new attack ad on Apple that focuses on battery life. The Galaxy S5, as we’ve found in our tests, is pretty darn impressive when it comes through getting us through more than a full day of use, and so Samsung is taking that feather in its cap and knocking down Apple in a new marketing video.

The ad shows iPhone users sitting near outlets, suggesting that they always need to be near a source of electricity, while others are able to hang with friends. “Hope it has a better battery,” one person says overhearing two others talking about the new iPhone.

Samsung then uses the ad to show off the Galaxy S5′s Ultra Power Saving Mode, which provides up to an extra day of standby time with just 10 percent of the battery life. It even highlights the ability to swap out batteries on the whim, something iPhone users aren’t able to do (though there’s always Mophie.)

Check out the clip above for yourself – agree or disagree with the ad?